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kristyn lawrence
If you dont have nothing nice to say, dont say NOTHING at all!!!!!
Nariana Swift
✟ Japanese arianator and swifty ✟ Disney Princess American ✡
15 years young✌️ I am an actor and love all Broadway shows❤️ Thespian✨ Directioner✨ Brockstar✨ Toddler✨ Potterhead✨ Mockingjay✨ Gleek✨
Jade Weeks (YouTuber
Hi i'm jade! i am a YouTuber, i like to sing even though im not good, my inspiration is @Joe_Sugg
f:Priscila Castilho
f:Daniele Santos
• since '98 •South Africa •music child
f:Maria Flores
f:Jagdev Singh
Love you Louis
xxxLouis , i am a directioner xxx i write songs ,dance ,& sing xxx i do love food:) i'll answer questions anyday! ~live for the moment ~
f:Taryn Fuhrman
daisy/16. Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all up before we die
Nicolette Nelson
Sometimes the quite ones surprise you! Nicolette Nelson Love and kisses kbye!
Camila Estefany
Marisol Gutierrez
I like bands and anime and stuff cx
✨14,Directioner,Demi Lovato,✨ . South florida
i would like as many followers as I can. ' live, love, laugh'