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Jacobi Pratt

Air conditioner... What the fuck? Irish striker for the Atlantic Trojans football club.


Come watch me ad I'll watch you haha nvm just be my friend I luv fans byee

Sage xoxo

pizza pizza

f:John Trumbull


Just a guy who love singing, reading, listening music, composing music and writing lyric. Oh, and watch anime as well. Anything just ask me. :D



しおみです。McFly/ATL/1D/HCR/OwlCity/MCR/BLG/WATIC/TAAR/YMAS/Fun./Taylor/MP/Dorm Patrol


f:Hannah Anderson

Arianna Perez

I am different. I want at least 10 kids. I want to go to Italy next summer. Cuban, Puerto Rican, Italian, Sicilian

#R5family #forever

my everything is @officialR5 /MY BIG DREAM IS BE AN ACTRESS OR SINGER / i'd rather find true love than a million dollars/ whatever you do believe in your dreams

Savannah Rae

5sos & 1D are life Calum & Louis girl Addicted to youtubers aka Tyler ,o2l , Zoella , tanya , 9-23-14 ALFIE FOLLOWED 12-16-14

tnicolle ت

Brandon r.в Meza ❁ 11.18.12 | 3.1.13 | 3.19.13 | 4.8.13 | 7.20.13 | 8.15.13


Baby bitte mach dir nie mehr Sorgen um Geld, gib mir nur deine Hand ich kauf dir Morgen die Welt. Egal wohin du willst, wir fliegen um die Welt

f:Linda Winter


f:Shelby Bryant


Come watch me when I get a hang of things on here


very forgetful cat person


Born and raised in Sweden, Stockholm.

f:Kaitlyn Rankin

Mary Ann Blue


hello there :)


Hi! I would love to entertain you guys, just give me suggestions of what to do xD



Black Bambi

I juh sing. Sailing on the moon with Doraemon & designing clothes like I'm in Paradise Kiss